Discover experiences here in Topsfield that you simply won't find anywhere else

Rural and quiet, much of Topsfield's land is preserved in perpetuity as a gift to us all

Topsfield is best known for hosting the Topsfield Fair every fall. At the center of the fair are barns and buildings showcasing farm animals, produce, pies and most memorably, gigantic pumpkins.

Visiting Topsfield the town requires nothing more than turning off of Route 1 in the opposite direction of the fairgrounds and driving a half-mile to the town center.  Here you'll find a classic New England town common and a compact downtown area. Several casual sandwich and pizza shops and a good coffee shop offer reasons to linger. 

Topsfield's rural characteristic becomes apparent as you leave the center. The Ipswich River offers a fun opportunity to paddle and drift down its circuitous path, from Route 97 to Asbury Street, or further if you rent a canoe. The river will take you through Mass Audubon's Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary, where you may encounter a great blue heron, graceful swan family, busily paddling ducks and turtles sunning themselves on the shore. 

Bike riding is excellent on the back roads of Ipswich as well, and the Danvers-Topsfield Rail Trail is accessible from the town center. For mountain bikers, Bradley Palmer State Park and Willowdale State Forest offer gravel-level trails that are well-maintained and accessible from numerous starting points.

Topsfield is a nice alternative when other North Shore destinations may be attracting crowds. There are experiences here that you simply won't find anywhere else.