Two things to know about visiting Marblehead: it's hard to get to but harder to leave

TOWN: Marblehead
WHAT:It is utterly unique, with it's narrow lanes and world-class harbor
WHY:Quaint, charming, beautiful, you have to visit at least once in your life

Us landlubbers may not 'get' Marblehead right away

At the heart of Marblehead lies one of the finest harbors on the East Coast. It is home to a fleet  unequalled anywhere else on Boston's North Shore. To look out over the harbor is to see the living history of pleasure and competitive boating. The town embraces sailing like the fog hugs the coast.

On any given night you can see a local race in progress out on Salem Sound, and famous international races have started and ended in Marblehead over the years. 

There's an independent spirit in town, which might not be surprising given the town's history. Marblehead sailors and soldiers made their mark on the USS Constitution and on the Delaware River, where they rowed George Washington during his famous crossing. 

Whatever you choose to do in Marblehead, leave some time to wander the Old Town area. You will delight in its winding lanes lined with crooked houses packed in like sardines.