Taking it to the street: sweet rides, classic car events and winding roads

WHAT:Perfect cruising roads and events
WHY:Chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin' out over the line, as Bruce sang

We'll help you find turbocharged car shows, cruise nights and back roads on the North Shore

I'm a car guy. I go to car shows, love going for a top-down cruise in the summer and talking cars with anyone who will listen, so I'm looking forward to sharing my passion here.

If you're similarly bitten by the car bug, we'll help you find car shows on the North Shore. If you don't know an MG from a M-B, we'll suggest a few routes for a Sunday drive that will get you off the beaten path and away from weekend traffic. 

The following suggestions from Off Course will help you find some of the hometown car events and wonderful driving routes that help make the North Shore a fun place to visit.