North Shore Bike Rides

Two wheels and the road less traveled: the nicest biking in Eastern Massachuetts

WHAT:Boston's North Shore bicycle rides
WHY:No matter what you ride or who you ride with, you'll find routes of every level

From coastal cruising to rural solitude to family-friendly bike paths, the North Shore of Boston has it all!

I have to say that the North Shore offers the nicest riding in Eastern Massachusetts. It’s easy to find routes that get you off the busiest roads, and many of the more trafficked roads offer wide shoulders with plenty of passing room. 

Where to ride

There are routes for everyone, from hammerheads to families, with plenty of opportunities to get out of the saddle and enjoy a bite to eat or take in a breathtaking view. You can bring your own bike or rent from one of the independent bike shops if you don’t have your ride with you.


Looking to get in 50-100 miles, it means you'll be covering some ground on the North Shore. Look for a growing number of route suggestions in the coming months. 

Energetic Rec Riders

You’re good for 25-35 miles, with a stop thrown in along the way maybe. We've shared a number of great routes that are my go-to rides on a nice day. 

Family Biking

If young bikers are in your group, you’re in luck. The Danvers – Topsfield rail-to-trail bike path is a perfect for young legs. We've shared a few other routes that are relatively quiet and perfect for a group of riders of any age.