About Off Course

your local guide to adventures on boston’s north shore

Sharing the ‘what, where and why’ with visitors to the North Shore 

I’ve lived on the North Shore for over 35 years and throughout that time have enjoyed the great diversity of activities available to anyone possessing an active curiosity and the spirit of exploration. With the new-found freedom to share what I love about the North Shore — yup, that would be retirement after 45 years as an advertising creative director — I launched Off Course in order to share my interests and experiences with visitors to the North Shore who have a similar passion for discovery.

If I’m successful with Off Course you will leave the North Shore with a new appreciation for its natural beauty, wonderful backroads and hiking trails, opportunities to explore waterways and coastal features, historic neighborhoods and cultural riches that offer new possibilities to you, your friends and family.

I have made every effort to provide accurate information. If you find something on the site that needs updating, please let me know through the Contact link at the top of the page.

Well enough – let’s saddle up and head to Boston’s North Shore together!

– Nick de Sherbinin


I’d like to thank friends who have generously shared their suggestions, observations and local knowledge about what makes the North Shore so special.


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Mike Stroman


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John Round


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Si Fisk